Feet. (pt 2)

Well I am floundering on this challenge this month. Unsure on whether it’s alternative priorities or a real resistance to the feet! The second week is to list how you can treat your feet more.

You know the work colleague I was talking about the other day, the one that loves doing people’s feet? I told her that I was doing this challenge and she’s offered to do mine for me. Mine are that bad though, that it’ll be a big step for me to be brave enough to let her do it.

Dave and I like to visit home bargains, probably once a week. I generally have the plan of popping in, getting what I need and getting the hell back out. Dave has a preference for looking at EVERY SINGLE AISLE.

During the searching of every single aisle, I came across this:


At 69p, I couldn’t say no, especially in the spirit of the “love my feet” challenge. Well about the best they did, was make them smell reasonably average.


So in the meantime, I scoured Pinterest (because if in doubt, you always turn to Pinterest) looking for tips on how to do a home pedicure, because them boots really weren’t cutting it!

Following a good look through what Pinterest had to offer, and drawing on it to create my own answer, here’s what I’ve come up with as a plan of action for my feet pampering. Week 3’s challenge is to actually carry it out!

1: Soak feet in apple cider, vinegar and water with epsom salts. I’ll probably add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil too, as I doubt this will smell good.

2: Exfoliate feet – it’ll be time to rock out another home remedy for this! I think a nice peppermint salt scrub will do the trick! I’ll knock one together in the next week or so and post what I do! I’ll probably use a foot file as well or something to make sure that I give them the much needed TLC they deserve!

3: Foot Lotion – again, this is probably one where I’ll knock something together that works really deeply

4: Paint Them – this is the bit that might not (probably won’t) happen. I’m so messy with stuff like that, but I guess now is the time to practice, whilst it’s not flip flop season!

I’ll be back in a week to tell you how this has gone!



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