Can you believe we’re in February already? As every other year, time is just flying already and we’re now onto another body part.

I’m going to stick with Kate’s theme for this month, just like last month and we’re going for feet!

Feet is such a funny one isn’t it?

They don’t bother me in the slightest (although I’m not a fan of my own), but Dave hates them. Every girl knows that the only real purpose of a man is to warm your feet up on him in bed, and he honestly goes bonkers at me whenever I try my luck with it. And don’t even get him started on my ped-egg!

On the other hand, one of my work mates, Deb, loves feet. She loves nothing more than giving her nearest and dearest a full pedicure. I’m not talking painting nails, I’m talking a full scale foot make over. Each to their own!

I don’t think anyone has particularly nice feet, but I love the vulnerability of someone with nothing on their feet. When I’m in the house, my default position is to not wear anything on my tootsies – they’ve been trapped in shoes all day so of course I want them free and easy!

My feet definitely have their problems though.

As a kid, I had these bright orange plastic in soles in my shoes because I was as flat footed as you can get. They forced an arch into my foot that I’m pretty sure has dropped again. I’m also as heavy-footed as they come. When I lived with my Mum and Dad it was a regular topic of conversation, that the years of ballet lessons was a complete waste of money as I was forever sounding like I was going to come through the ceiling!

My feet are always cold, and as a result, I quite like someone holding my foot and keeping it warm. Finding that person sure ain’t easy though! (Totally off point though, this made me think about how much I love holding Poppy’s paws…I mean there’s not much better than a dog or a cat’s little feeters is there?)

Then there’s just what they look like. From the years of ballet, and then later insisting on wearing (cheap) stilettos everywhere, my right foot has a bunion on it, which at times is painful in certain shoes. Plus I have a complex about my toes; my parents used to call me “hobbit feet” because I inherited my Dad’s toes which are quite long, rather than short and stumpy.

Basically, they’re not attractive, but is anybody’s?

To this end, I don’t take great care of them, and I DEFINITELY take them for granted. They’re probably not as bad as I think they are, but there’s no mistaking that I have a complex about them!

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