Hands. (Pt 3)

Kate has set our Week 3 task in the “2018, Love Me” challenge (find out more here).

Having reflected last week on what I could do to love my hands, I now needed to put these ideas into action.

And I have gone to town with a couple of extra ideas!

As I’d talked about in my last blog, I want to start wearing more rings. I treated myself to a couple, one with my birth stone in (sapphire if you’re curious!) and just a plain silver one.

I also took to Pinterest for some inspiration for homemade hand scrubs and deep cleansing hand lotion. I’ve been stock piling coconut oil since my Body Coach obsession and I somehow ended up with 5kg of fine Pink Himalayan Salt. May as well put it to good use!

Fortunately, I also have all manner of essential oils (from my wax melt making faze) and “of course”, because of the fadder that I am, I already had some Shea Butter knocking about.

It was like I knew this day would come!

There was always a risk that this would go badly (we’ve all seen the “nailed it!” posts on Buzzfeed), but it all turned out pretty good.

I didn’t manage to find what it was I was looking for but armed with what I’d learned from Pinterest, I created a lime and coconut salt scrub, and a peppermint whipped hand lotion and the results were DIVINE!

So…on the journey to loving my hands more? I think we’re getting there!

Please let me know if you try either of my recipes which you can find on separate blog posts by clicking on the links below:

Coconut and Lime Salt Scrub

Peppermint Lotion

Enjoy! xx

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