Hands. (Pt 2)

20180113_184613 (1)

I’m a little late with this week’s blog post for the awesome 2018 Self Love Challenge, set over on Kate’s Love Yourself to Love Yourself blog.

This week her email dropped into my inbox in the early hours of Tuesday morning, setting me the challenge to think about the ways I could love my hands more.

Since doing weight lifting, and discovering just how much the bar makes my hands rough and full of calluses, I am rarely without a tube of hand cream. (The girl with the Body Shop stand in our canteen must see me coming from miles off, ready to arm myself with every new scent available!)

Since wearing my Nan’s rings, as I said in my last blog, I get my nails done every 3 weeks, to stop me chewing my nails. That makes me like them quite a bit more – I went for a matte grey this month which I’m totally obsessed with!

So what extra can I do to love my hands more?

Well actually the last challenge did make me really appreciate them and maybe that’s all I needed to do. It made me see them differently and realise that they’re not to be taken for granted. If I dig really deep, and think of something, I guess it would be that I’d love to wear more rings. A couple of my friends wear quite a few rings and I really like how it makes their hands look.

So maybe that could be a new look for me to try out!

On a side note, Kate did an online palm reading, which I’ve also done and decided it is the biggest pile of bollocks ever 😂

But then what did I expect from an online test?


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