Through the joy that is social media, I feel like I’m forming a friendship. Kate, like me signed up to Mel Wells’ Academy in October. But Kate, unlike me, finished all the modules!

She’s totally awesome. So awesome in fact that she’s started a 2018 challenge to teach you to love yourself that little bit more each day in 2018. And I’m all in!

The idea is that you focus on a different part of your body each month throughout 2018 with different challenges each week. You can follow the order that Kate is going through, or you pick your own. (Please, PLEASE go and subscribe to her blog and find out more about this great challenge!)

This month, the focus is hands (yep, we’re starting easy!) and the Week 1 challenge is to tell the story of your hands, and here’s mine!

My Hands

When my Nan passed away in 2015, I was given her engagement ring, and her Nans’ wedding ring. All I wanted to do was put them both straight on my finger. Not unusual you might say, but for me it was. I’d never worn a ring in my 29 years before that day, not even just a “junk jewellery” one.


I hated my hands. I hate them a little less these days but historically I’ve never exactly liked them. The last thing I’d ever wanted to do was fill them with jewellery and draw attention to them. I was a nail biter. Like, as far down as you can go, and the skin around them. The lot! In fact I still am a nail biter but I get my nails done every three weeks now and have done for the last 2.5 years, but that doesn’t stop me. I relish the opportunity for a good old chew if one of my nails ping off!

Reflecting on my childhood, I was always busy with my hands! I’d always turn my hand (‘scuse the pun), to something crafty and hands on (bloody terrible at drawing though!) I loved to experiment with origami, I enjoyed making dolls out of wooden pegs and the aforementioned Nan taught me to knit and French knit. I learned to cross stitch too. I also loved to write, and before the digital age, of course that was all done with a pen in hand.

I remember my excitement when I finally received the much sought after calligraphy pen at primary school at the ripe old age of roughly 7. What I didn’t tell Mum and Dad at the time was that I was the last in the class to get it. My handwriting was terrible, and I couldn’t hold a pen correctly, which I still can’t do to this day!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been quite a “touchy-feely” individual. Probably less so now than when I was younger, but I love holding hands with people or having a good cuddle!

As I’ve grown into adulthood, I’ve continued that “busy-ness” with my hands. I work in Learning and Development so I’m often stood at the front of a group of people, chatting away. And you’ve guessed it, I’m one of those people that likes to talk with their hands gesticulating all over the place!

A few years back I got real pleasure from baking, and more recently found a love for power lifiting – in particular deadlifting. This really took it’s toll on my hands for a while – that is until I discovered The Body Shop hand cream, and now I usually have at least two tubes residing in my handbag!

In 2017, I took up my old hobby of knitting again. Throughout the course of the year I knit patches, picking the colour to reflect my mood. These are yet to be knit together as I’m a couple of weeks behind on the patches still (I’ll blog more about this in another post!)

Finally, there’s my beautiful fur-baby Poppy. Without hands I wouldn’t be able to stroke her, hug her or throw a ball for her.

As I write this blog, I realise that so many of the things that I love to do are possible because of my fully functioning hands! Sure I think the freckles all over them make them look older, and sure they’re slightly battered from years of nail biting and weight lifting. But right now, they also bear a reminder of my nan. One day, I hope they will carry a symbol of mine and Dave’s love for one another.

My hands aren’t to be taken for granted, and neither are yours. We should love them. Because hands make so much possible.

3 thoughts on “Hands.

    • Joanna says:

      Aww thank you 😘 I was actually thinking how well you wrote the other day. I always feel like there’s a point missing and I can never put my finger on it. The big change is, I’m not bothered. I know I can keep practicing by blogging a few times a week and I’ll get better!

      It’s weird, with the pen, because it never bothered me. It made me more determined! I think at that age, I was unaware of negative thoughts. Because being picked last in PE used to wound me to the core!! xx


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