It’s not called “brinner” is it?

I’ve not talked about my moving journey for a while! I feel that my last post was pretty bleak, so let’s have a laugh at my confusion with some Northern words when I first moved here.

Every year on the 9th April, I take to Twitter with the hashtag #NorthernObservations. The 9th April is the anniversary of my moving Up North and this is how I like to celebrate it. There’s usually a Pasty in bread  (we’ll come to this in a minute) thrown in for good measure! However, after 7 years up North, I’m finding it harder to do. I guess I’m almost fully integrated now.

I saw my Mum and Dad the other day, and they rightly pointed out, I’ve spent more of my adult life here than in Essex.

I feel a good starting point is how we talk in Essex. This should help:

You can see why I struggled with “Northern Lingo” as much as I did!

When I moved up here there were three obvious things that were different.

Pants: this one took me a while to work out and only really came to light when someone said to me they really liked the pants some guy was wearing. My response was, “How do you know what his underwear looks like?” Following a confused look, I managed to work out my faux pas. Pants, are trousers once you’re North of Watford Gap.

Meal Times: This one I quickly worked out but it did take a lot longer to get used to using the names for meal times correctly. For the unfamiliar, this should explain it:

I worked this one out after meeting someone at completely the wrong time for Dinner. I have problems with this though because what’s that meal between “breakfast” and “lunch” called? It’s not “Brinner” is it?

I’ll just leave that there*

Barm: I’m not sure it’s even worth going there with this one. We all know about this, as displayed below:

Someone once asked me, how do they know when you’re in Essex if you’re asking for a sausage roll, or a sausage roll? The answer? You just do!

Much to my dismay, I have actually caved in to ALL of these little language quirks (If you can’t beat them, join them, eh!)

So yes, I call it a Pasty Barm. And I say bath and not baaaarth.

*don’t even try telling me it’s elevenes 😂

Crying about it won’t fix me

I’ve not known whether to talk about this openly or not, but here’s the thing. I’m currently going through diagnosis for a neurological condition. They (the doctors) think it’s MS. I’m inclined to believe them.

Reflecting on my health over the past 6 years, I’ve had funny little glitches with my body, along with some serious eye problems thrown in. It was the recent blindness in my left eye, which has sorted itself out now; but triggered the diagnosis I’m going through.

I’m constantly shattered, I’ve permanently got a tingling in my legs and sometimes they feel so weak I don’t want to stand up anymore. I spend my weekends catching up on sleep and even that’s not enough sleep. And this isn’t even half of it.

It’s tough right now. All I want are answers. Unfortunately though it just doesn’t work like that. I just keep getting sent for more tests.

The positives that are already coming out of this for me though is a desire to be happier with who I am, and loving myself more. If things don’t fill me with happiness, why are they in my life?

I’m amazed at my own strength. Sure I spent the first three days of my holiday flinging myself about and crying my eyes out, but I’m through that now.

It’s one of those things that’s just shit. There’s no other way about it. But the fact is, something is up with me and there’s no point wallowing in it. Crying about it isn’t going to fix me. But being strong both physically and mentally will at least put me in the best possible situation to deal with what lies ahead.