A year later…

I’ve posted before that I don’t stick to blogging and yet again, I’ve proved it! 

I’m currently sat on Dave’s Aunt’s balcony. I’m in Athens. It’s 33° out and I’m roasting! Dave has gone and sat in an air conditioned room and he’s having a bit of a “nerd out” watching some YouTube videos of nerdy stuff while I’m left here with my own thoughts. 

And a lot of thoughts there are in my head right now. Some of the more trivial ones include, how do I smuggle a can of Greek beer back into England for Ian? What do I wear to a Greek Football Match? What actually is the offside rule? How do you say “Goal” in Greek? I’ve never been to an English football match, never mind a Greek one. We’re going to watch Panathinaikos play shortly who I suppose is the Greek team that Dave supports. Apparently they’re a rowdy bunch so that should hold some entertainment in itself!

I’m also trying to work out how we can fit it into our “K” date on our alphabet dating but I think that any attempts will be tenuous to say the least (we’ve not progressed very quickly given we started it here two years ago at the Acropolis!)

On that note – yes a very short blog, but hopefully one to start getting me back into the swing of things!

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