I can’t blog to save my life…

I’m so rubbish at this blogging malarkey. Hopeless. I was telling the story of my leaving Essex and making the journey up north and it just never really got anywhere.

Then I started telling the story of mine and Dave’s alphabet dating. And that didn’t last long either (we’re up to our H date next if you’re interested!)

I just lose focus so easily and struggle to get into any kind of rhythm with writing, yet it’s something I really want to do.

So here I am . At just over 2 weeks out of 30, and feeling like I need to pick it up again.

The thought of turning 30 is doing weird things to me. I thought I was ok with it for ages but actually what I’m finding is it’s making me quite nostalgic. I’ve been reflecting on my life but in particular the last 10 years and how dramatically life has changed. I’ve gone from a 20 year old student, living in Essex with some pretty sketchy friends and ideas of what a good hair style is, to an almost 30 year old living up North with a handful of, but awesome friends (and slightly better hair).

And I’ve never been happier.

I really want to blog my story of moving up North and share with you mine and Dave’s alphabet dating adventures so I really will try to keep writing, even if I only manage once a week 😉

*edit : I’ve noticed a theme with all my blog posts. I start them with “I’m so useless at blogging…..”

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